New story Badwill published


My short story Badwill has been published in an anthology titled Songs for the Elephant Man.

The publisher, Mantle Lane Press, is a small indie venture in Leicestershire with a track record of producing very stylish lit fiction books.

I responded to Mantle’s call for submissions in March 2019, for its collection of stories about outsiders – anyone who might be considered, now or in the past, as outside the mainstream, for whatever reason.

The call went on to explain that Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man, was born in Leicester. In his early years he was was exhibited as a freak and was unable to live a normal life in Victorian England, despite being a sensitive and educated man.

But many books and movies have shown us time and again that those labelled monstrous are often more sympathetic than the so called ‘normal’ people around them, and as readers we naturally identify with the outsider – no doubt we’ve each felt like an outsider at some point in our life.

Songs for the Elephant Man celebrates outsiders in all their guises, and my story Badwill fitted the bill so was accepted and published.

Badwill is about three siblings who contest the validity of their recently deceased mother’s will, with unexpected and shocking consequences.

You can order the book online here for £8.99 – all independent publishers need support right now, and if you do get a copy I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Badwill interior

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